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When should an intercultural intelligence training be planned?

When preparing for international meetings; whenever a personal or professional encounter is unsatisfactory or ends up in any sort of misunderstanding that bothers you; or when starting a new position that involves intercultural environments.


What is the training like?

The training is interactive, dynamic, and fun.

Even complex knowhow must be transmitted clearly, so that it may be easily understood and assimilated by the participants.

Each day of training is unique as participants contribute by bringing their life experiences.


Our methodology includes a number of stages:

  • A pre-training phone conversation to:
    • better know and understand your pain points
    • talk about the type of short session you would be interested in.
  • A brief individual assignment
    Participants write a 3-paragraph text describing their problem situation. During the pre-training phone conversation, you receive various questions designed to guide you in the writing of these 3 paragraphs.
  • The Intercultural Intelligence training workshop, during which:
    • participants assimilate and integrate the acquired knowledge in an interactive and dynamic way:
      • we understand,
      • we learn,
      • we practice.
    • Participants practice by using a protocol of questions. These questions become a new life habit. The PROFICQ (Protocol for Intercultural Questioning) is a list of key-questions that enhances pluricultural and pluriprofessional exchanges.
    • Participants then receive the attestation, validating the completion of the training.
  • Post-training follow-up and feedback


The method encompasses: a brief case assessment, a questionnaire and description, the interactive training, the questioning protocol, and the training's conclusion that validates your achievements. After the training, we remain in contact for follow-up and feedback.


Is one workshop sufficient?

You are autonomous as of the first workshop. You are operational at the end of this training.

However, the first workshop may be followed by a next step - Intercultural Intelligence brain training. This higher-level training will naturally increase performance.


Is it coaching, training, or counseling?

A 1-day workshop at the Institute for Intercultural Intelligence Training suffices to build autonomous participants. This, therefore, makes us different from coaching.

For a longer follow-up we provide consulting services based on our i5bridging model – Intercultural Intelligence for Institutions, Industrialists and Individuals.

Our commitments

Intercultural intelligence has become a basic need in our lives. In the last decades, professional relations are increasingly pluricultural. With technology bringing together to the same conference calls colleagues from all over the world, the "other" may be a next-door neighbor – or an associate from Singapore. Either way, we are expected to communicate seamlessly, smoothly and accurately. We may speak the same language, and yet not be immersed in the same cultures.

Key dates

Collège Européen de Sécurité et de Défense - European Security and Defence College2020 – Member of the network of institutions affiliated with the European Security and Defence College  who aims "to deliver strategic-level education on Common Security and Defence Policy, and provide knowledgeable personnel, within both EU Institutions, EU Member States" and beyond the European borders.
2018 – Creation of IFDII


One December day many years ago I was accompanying a foreign delegation visiting a French ministry as their interpreter. I was asked to assist in all the exchanges between the participants. At the end of the meeting I heard the debriefing, which lacked cultural and political context. I shared this information with the minister and with his teams, and this was when my vocation as intercultural intelligence consultant came into being.

Legal Notice

Korall Consulting is the administrator of IFDII - Institute for intercultural intelligence training.
Korall Consulting and the IFDII, in compliance with the law, hereby specify and declare that the activity is registered with the Prefect of the Ile-de-France region under the number 11922251892, and that "this registration does not constitute State Approval".

IFDII is referenced on Datadock. Our statement on Datadock is validated under the Datadock ID 0077989.

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