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Group workshops

The Institute for Intercultural Intelligence Training proposes group workshops that are interactive, dynamic, and clearly transmitted.

The number of participants in each workshop is limited, to allow individualized attention so that you make the most of this special time dedicated to enhancing your skills.

All of our trainings carry the basics of intercultural intelligence and provide examples from the Manual for Speaking Overtly and Covertly©.

They differ by their objectives and focuses. Each day of training is unique as participants contribute by bringing their life experiences.

Group workshops:

You can opt for a short session proposed below, added to the group workshop:

To contact the Institute and ask for rates call +33 6 11 43 75 41 or fill this contact form

16 September 2019

Our commitments

Intercultural intelligence has become a basic need in our lives. In the last decades, professional relations are increasingly pluricultural. With technology bringing together to the same conference calls colleagues from all over the world, the "other" may be a next-door neighbor – or an associate from Singapore.

Key dates

1986 - Japanese Studies & the Civilisation of the Far-East
1987 –Linguist in a multidisciplinary artificial intelligence research team developing a machine translation system.
1992 - Assistant, department of French Language and Literature.
1995 – M.A. dissertation on the image of powerful women in literature in different regions.


One December day many years ago I was accompanying a foreign delegation visiting a French ministry as their interpreter. I was asked to assist in all the exchanges between the participants. At the end of the meeting I heard the debriefing, which lacked cultural and political context. I shared this information with the minister and with his teams, and this was when my vocation as intercultural intelligence consultant came into being.

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